Don’t Ask? Don’t Tell? Don’t Enlist!

One might think from all the hype that some earth-shattering step forward has just taken place for americans who fuck and suck with others of the same sex.  Now they can participate in the murder of people in distant lands without having to lie about whom they have sex with.  And this is something to be striven for and celebrated? Continue reading

Anarchism and Anarcho-Capitalism

In my view anarchism is anything that fits Benjamin Tucker’s definition of anarchism. Benjamin Tucker defined anarchism as “the doctrine that all the affairs of men should be managed by individuals or voluntary associations, and that the State should be abolished.”[i] The requirements of respecting people’s property rights over themselves – self-ownership – as well as other things imply that there are certain things that nobody may justly do to or with those others without permission from those others – the giving of consent – which must be freely given, without fear of punishment or deprivation of enjoyment of one’s rights if such consent is not forthcoming. These strictures imply that relationships between individuals should all be voluntary, uncoerced ones, that individuals are entitled to protect themselves against any that would be otherwise. Continue reading