I am not your ally. We are not comrades. Leftism is merely another authoritarian ideology. Your very attitudes preserve the hegemony of the totality. You may try to redirect blame away from yourself, saying that we need to unite to fight the “real enemy.” Just because your leftist management and control strategy lost, & did not succeed in its attempt to dominate class society, does not mean that I am sympathetic to you. Nor do I feel pity. Merely disgust. The left functions as a loyal opposition to the right. You are necessary to the preservation of class society. I intend to destroy class society, move even further.

Authoritarian leftists love to say that people should join their coalition because they agree with some isolated point.   Well, I’m sure if I talked to a National Socialist long enough we would find some obscure point we could agree on. I am not going to join forces with them. I am not going to join forces with leftists.

Talk of fighting the “Real Enemy” reduces the nature of power and domination to mere spooks. Control systems become windmills to endlessly fight. The enemy is here. Control is in everyday life, or it is nowhere. Domination comes out of our social interactions. Leftists would preserve these social interactions in their utopias.

The difference between the left and the right is like the difference between Coke and Pepsi.   The left is just the right with more meetings. This is the direction we are moving in. Totalitarian social control is becoming democratized. We’re all dictators of each other. We’ll all live in our own sweatshops (with workers’ self management). We’ll all live in Auschwitz (with a People’s Gestapo Collective). We’ll all live in participatory panopticons. Thank you comrade!

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