Mind Forged Manacles: Further Thoughts on Psychiatry and Social Control

I reject the pathology model of mental illness, as promoted by the psychiatric and medical community. There is something that strikes me as authoritarian in the notion that certain modes of thought are objectively sick. Ideally the notion of neuro-diversity should mean something more than begging for pity. This does not mean I don’t care about the plight of those labeled as mentally ill. Far from it. Continue reading

Josiah Warren: A Communitarian Individualist

The goal of every anarchist is the elimination of the state and all other forms of authority.  From this common starting point, however, libertarians then take off in many different directions.  Ideas about how people should or could interact with each other socially, economically, sexually or in any other way vary tremendously from person to person and from group to group.  Continue reading

Benjamin Tucker: American Mutualist, Part One

In an Individualist Mutualist market economy of Josiah Warren, Benjamin Tucker, or Stephen Pearl Andrews employers can indeed pay themselves more money than their employees for equal time worked. However, even though they can pay themselves more money than their employees for equal time worked they are still Mutualists and not Capitalists. Why is this? Continue reading