Queer Marriage—Threat or Menace?

Marriage is in the forefront of media coverage right now as same-sex marriage is being legalized in more and more states.  In New York, like lambs to the slaughter, many same-sex couples were so eager to publicly surrender their self-sovereignty and independence that they entered a lottery to be among the first to be allowed to marry.  While there is a lot of debate about whether expanding the “right” to marry is a good or bad thing, however, no one seems to be asking whether marriage itself, in whatever form it takes, is a good thing or not.  Continue reading

Don’t Ask? Don’t Tell? Don’t Enlist!

One might think from all the hype that some earth-shattering step forward has just taken place for americans who fuck and suck with others of the same sex.  Now they can participate in the murder of people in distant lands without having to lie about whom they have sex with.  And this is something to be striven for and celebrated? Continue reading

There Is No ‘Natural’ Human Sexuality

The circumstances that arouse our sexual feelings and the ways in which we express them are structured by the society in which we live, and have changed over time. There is no “natural” human sexuality. Historically in the West, sexuality has been linked with reproduction. This arises out of the Christian equation of sexuality with sin that must be redeemed through reproduction. It results in the invalidation of all forms of sexual expression and enjoyment other than heterosexuality. Continue reading

Lesbian/Gay Liberation or Individual Freedom?

In June, 1969, for the first time, customers at the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York, fought back against the police when they tried to raid the bar. The modern gay/lesbian liberation movement generally considers this event the birth of their movement. But, unfortunately, this movement really has little in common with the spirit of the Stonewall revolt. Instead of self-defense against the attacks of the state and reliance on their own strength, the strategy of the lesbian/gay movement now consists of reliance on the state’s laws and money, and support for the electoral and legislative process. Continue reading